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Gabrielle Astley is quite used to being an afterthought, a burden, a nuisance...

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Gabrielle's Discipline
Now only $0.99

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She's sure her husband loves another woman...


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Lydia's Penance
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Tricked and trapped into marriage, there is no escape for this Duke but there is revenge...


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Benedict's Commands
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How to turn his lover into his wife when she wants nothing to do with marriage? It may be time for desperate measures...


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Arabella's Training
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First comes scandal, then comes marriage, then comes the battle of wills...


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What to read next?
A new series begins on January 12th - Deception & Discipline

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A Season For Treason

A traitor. A courtship. A scandalous Season.
In the race against time, will this pair reach the altar or the traitor first?

In the service of England's spymaster (well, his niece, but surely he'll appreciate the help), Miss Mary Wilson is on a mission to uncover a treasonous plot. Though her only clue leads to the debaucherous secret society of the Marquess of Hartford, a lifetime of being overlooked should ensure her access to all of the gossip her assignment will require. There's just one problem: Mary is due to find a husband this Season and her Aunt Elizabeth, the Viscountess Hood, is determined to see her niece shine bright.

Focused on finding the perfect bride this Season, the Marquess of Hartford, known to his friends as Rex, finds himself distracted by the quiet Miss Wilson as she continually turns up everywhere she shouldn't be. As Rex considers the misbehaving Miss Wilson, a curious thought occurs to him. Is it possible that she could be the kind of bride who would enjoy life by his side and the pursuits of the Society of Sin?


Author’s Note:

When I wrote the Bridal Discipline series, I was actually not intending to write another spin off series until I got to the last book and realized there were still more characters whose stories I wanted to tell. Mary was so mysterious, she caught my attention, but I didn’t originally know what she was hiding. As I tried to tease her out – and realized how well she and Hartford would get along – a new kind of book started to take shape in my mind.

The Deception and Discipline series is going to have the same kind of friendships, spankings, and steamy heat that the previous series did, but it’s also going to delve into danger, traitors, and a foul plot to stop. I’m especially excited because this series has several characters who have been residing in my head for a while but who were never quite right for any of my previous series.

It’s going to be a wild ride!

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