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It's friends-with-benefits, but with rope...

When Master Mitch proposes becoming friends-with-benefits, Domi can't find any downsides to such an arrangement. As a single mom with no time for a relationship, she's content with leaving everything about her desires at the club. And despite his playboy reputation, Mitch is definitely the kind of capable Dom who can give her everything she needs. She's sweet, she's sassy, and she has an incredible ability to take everything he can give her. So why shouldn't Master Mitch want Domi for his very own?

But with each scene, Mitch is surprised to find that he craves more than just Domi's submission. Before long, it's clear that the pair is tied up in something more binding than either anticipated. Can Mitch convince Domi that it's safe to trust him outside of Stronghold and Marquis?

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Nick has mastered the kitchen, but not Avery's heart. Can he throw out his preconceptions and find a new recipe to earn her sweet submission?

Sous chef Avery Kzmarscki is the hottest thing in Nick Davis's kitchen, and she's playing hard-to-get. As Executive Chef of Marquis, Nick is confident in his cooking skills and his working relationship with Avery, but when it comes to being a Dom and earning Avery's trust outside of the restaurant, he's got some interesting ideas and a lot to figure out.

While Nick is learning the ropes in a Dominants class, Avery is making some plans of her own. And once Nick discovers that Avery's dream will cost him their sizzling kitchen partnership, will it matter to either of them if he's finally worthy to master her experienced submission in the club?

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She's a wild child. He's assigned to be her Watch Dom. It's youth and mischief vs age and experience.

Iris is new to the lifestyle and when her inexperience and troublemaking disrupt everyone's pleasure at Marquis, someone has to lay down the law. Unfortunately for Iris, that someone is Master Law. In the courtroom and the playroom, Lawrence is a by-the-book kind of guy, and while he doesn't suffer fools he certainly doesn't mind keeping brats in line.

Teaching Iris the importance of following the rules for her own safety as well as everyone else's comes naturally to Master Law. To his surprise, an attraction to the young and rebellious newbie quickly begins to feel just as genuine. But when Iris tests the limits of the law both inside and outside of the club, Lawrence will have to choose between the black-and-white world he loves to live in and the growing feelings he has for Iris.

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Switch Play


From the past to the present, they've always been rivals. Who will finally come out on top?


In high school, Quinton and Samantha competed for top honors in almost every course. Now that they're all grown up and members of the same club, their old rivalry flares back up the moment they lay eyes on each other. When they find themselves paired together in a steamy kink class, these two switches discover that their competitive natures burn even hotter in the bedroom. Both older, both wiser, and both more determined than ever to win, Q and Sam must navigate power dynamics like never before. 

Will the struggle for ultimate control lead them both to fail, or can they ace this class and embrace a future together?

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Legally Bound


Their desire is real, but it's going on trial...


After one unforgettable night with the Domme of his dreams, Freddy knows he wants more. Camille is beautiful, bold, and the right amount of bossy. She also wants more from Freddy, too. But before the pair can reconnect at the club, they find each other in the last place either expect: at the negotiating table of a nasty divorce case, representing opposing clients. 


Legally bound to put their clients' interests first, Freddy and Camille must resist the temptation of their undeniable chemistry before it derails their careers. Pitted against each other by their very different clients, these two high-powered attorneys will struggle to make it to the end of the divorce with their desire unharmed. Can they navigate the mess they've made, or will the case for more nights at the club get dismissed? 

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Shallow Submission


There's only one rule: keep your hands and heart to yourself.

Master Asad is a perennial playboy with a serious problem. Years of no-strings-attached fun has left him without a suitable date for his younger brother's wedding. Since going alone would put him in his meddling mother's crosshairs for an entire week, he needs somebody -- literally anybody -- by his side.

Enter Morgan. She's gorgeous, fun, and not interested in anything serious. In fact, Asad can't wait to get his hands on her again. And though she's grateful to her newfound friends for rescuing her from years of abuse, she's beginning to bristle at all the rules they want her to follow. Eager to escape the overprotective Marquis Doms, she jumps at the chance to get away from it all and play Asad's fake girlfriend for the week.

The catch? The other Masters want Asad to keep his hands to himself. For the entire trip.

But Morgan has her own plans and Master Asad has never been one to play by the rules. After all, who will know?

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Coming Spring 2024



Frenemies-with-benefits in paradise... because there's no way that could go horribly wrong.

For one adventurous bridal party, a week away at the exclusive Hideaway Island resort is the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable bachelor-and-bachelorette celebration. And as the maid-of-honor, Rae doesn't want to cause any problems when an unexpected complication forces her out of her guest room. Bunking with the one man she can't get out of her head - the infuriatingly bossy best man - might be a temptation, but it's better than ruining the ongoing party for the bride and groom.

Daddy Dom Brian is sure of two things - one, Rae is a natural babygirl, and two, she's just as attracted to him as he is to her. So when dumb luck gives him an entire week to put both of those beliefs to the test, he readily agrees to enjoy all the secret passion and pleasure Rae is willing to share with him so he can finally prove to her they belong together.

What happens on the island stays on the island... that's supposed to be the agreement. But Brian's tired of playing by the rules.

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Hidden Away


Secret Submission


Mistress Julie has a secret admirer... but it's not going to be a secret for much longer.

Third Wheel


Coming Spring 2025

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