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Readers often ask: In what order should they read my books?

Here is the chronological order of each world, sorted by genre!

The World of Stronghold:

The Venus School

Venus Aspiring

Venus Desiring

Venus Transcendent

The Sassy Submissive
Taming the Tease

On His Knees (available free when you sign up for my newsletter!) 

Mastering Lexie

Pieces of Stronghold

Breaking the Chain

Bound to the Past

Stripping the Sub

Tempting the Domme

Hardcore Vanilla

Steamy Stocking Stuffers

Venus Wedding

Bondage Buddies

Master Chef


OR if you're reading the boxsets:


The Venus Rising Boxset

Entering Stronghold

Nights at Stronghold

Stronghold: Closing Time

Steamy Stocking Stuffers (standalone)



The Victorian World:

Birching His Bride

Dealing With Discipline

Punishing His Ward

Claiming His Wife

Philip's Rules


Gabrielle's Discipline

His Naughty Wife (available free when you sign up for my newsletter!) 

Lydia's Penance

Benedict's Commands

Arabella's Taming

A Season for Treason

OR if you're reading the boxsets:

The Domestic Discipline Quartet

Pride & Punishment

Commands & Consequences



Shifter Romances:

Chasing His Bunny

Chasing His Squirrel

Chasing His Puma

Chasing His Polar Bear

Night of the Wild Stags

Chasing His Honey Badger

Chasing Her Lion


OR if you're reading the boxsets:


Chasing Tail

Chasing Tail... Again 


Tsenturion Masters:

Alien Captive

Alien Tribute

Alien Hostage


Poker Loser Trilogy:

Forced Bet

Back in the Game

Winning Hand

Poker Loser Trilogy Boxset


Multi-Author Series:

Defended (Black Light)

Black Light Roulette: War

Black Light Roulette: Rematch

Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection

Logan (Dad Bod Doms Series)

Their Harlot Bride (Bridgewater Brides)



Mated on Hades

Marriage Training

The Lady

Two People Who Fall in Love and Bang at the End (

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