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After years of reading but never doing, Angel is finally ready to explore her fantasies in real life. The only problem? She'll have to learn the ropes all alone. Adopting a false Mistress persona for one club, to explore the lifestyle, she sets her sights on eventually taking the plunge at yet another club, Stronghold, as who she really is. But there's an unexpected complication: on the very first night of her experiment, pretending to be something she's not, she finds herself irresistibly attracted to one of men she meets.

Master Adam is looking for a submissive, not another dominant. When his path crosses with an unfamiliar face at Chained, he's immediately intrigued, but ultimately disappointed when she introduces herself as 'Mistress'. It's a perfectly ordinary encounter, but days later Adam still can't get the beguiling woman out of his head.

When the two reconnect at Stronghold without any pretense, their first scene together is nothing less than explosive.


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Rick Winter is tired of playing empty scenes with submissives, only to return home alone. He wants what he sees his friends getting - a real relationship with submissives who love them. Unfortunately, since his move to be closer to his friends and Stronghold, the BDSM club they all frequent, the only woman who has really sparked his interest not only isn't a submissive, she's his neighbor. Since he's always had strict rules for himself about not becoming entangled with women that he can't avoid (just in case things go badly), Rick's doing his best to ignore the distractingly gorgeous and curvy Maria.

Maria Arias is the oldest of four sisters; the middle two are married and her baby-sister just got engaged. That doesn't bother her though, what bothers her are the assumptions everyone else seems to have about how it SHOULD bother her. She's just looking for some fun and maybe a few hot nights when she meets her sexy new neighbor, but he's staying aloof - mostly. After a series of mixed-signals, and one very clear warning to stay away from him, this tease is about to find out what happens when she flirts with a Dom who demands more than just a casual affair.

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Lexie grew up with a crush on her brother's best friend, Patrick. He's gorgeous, sexy, controlling and arrogant, and she knows that he wants what amounts to a full-time submissive. So far, none of his girlfriends have ever been able to give him what he needs, but she's sure she's just the woman for him. She keeps pushing the boundaries of their relationship, until he agrees to allow her into the club that he owns, Stronghold, and train her. She can't help but wonder, will she be able to prove to him that they're worth the risk, or is she going to end brokenhearted?

Hands off. That's what Lexie is to Patrick, and not just because she's his best friend's little sister. It's also because her family is practically his, they share all of the same friends, and he's worried about breaking her heart. The sweet little Pixie he's always known has grown up into a gorgeous young woman, one whom he wants to tie up, spank and control. But just not worth tearing apart the people he considers his family, not to mention the family of friends that he's made, if he and Lexie aren't able to meet each other's needs. 

He knows he's toeing the line during her training, but he just can't seem to stop himself, and she's starting to break his careful control.

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BOOK 3.5

The Stronghold Doms and their submissives are anxiously watching as Jared and Leigh, both on the rebound from seven year, emotionally turmoiled, relationships take the first tentative steps towards something more than friendship. Leigh isn't sure she's a submissive, but she's intrigued and spending more and more time in the club. Jared isn't sure he can handle a relationship with yet another woman who can't fulfill all his needs, but he can't deny the sunshine Leigh has brought back into his life.

With the past snapping at their heels and their friends worried about their futures, their choices could make or break the happiness of their entire group of friends.

This novella is told from multiple points of view, including Jared, Leigh, Olivia, Justin, Chris, Jessica, Patrick and Lexie. It can be read as a standalone, but is much more fulfilling when read as part of the Stronghold series. This novella contains lots of hot, steamy alpha males and sassy subs getting it on.

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Jared and Leigh both know what it's like to be trapped in a seven year relationship where they give more than they get, the question is whether or not they can move on from them.

Two steps forward, one step back. That's how Jared's life feels when it comes to his ex Marissa. Every time he thinks he's escaped the vortex of her emotional demands, she ends up sucking him right back in; but for the first time, he thinks he might have the strength to pull free entirely. At least he hopes so. Right now it just seems like he's hurting everyone around him and he doesn't know how to make it right.

Leigh Douglas spent seven years with the man she thought she would one day marry, but she's now realized that she needs him to fight just as hard for her as she always fought for him. Since he won't, she's working on getting over him and finding someone who won't take her for granted. On the other side of the equation, she's definitely falling for Jared, but he's still entangled with his ex. No one can understand the hooks that Marissa has in him like Leigh can, but that doesn't mean that she's willing to take the back-seat again in another relationship.

As Jared tries to side-step his ex and Leigh takes her first steps into the domination and submission-filled world of the Stronghold club, their friends hold a collective breath as everyone wonders whose heart will be broken in the end.


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They were young. They were in love. And in a single instant they were over. Andrew never fully recovered from how they ended. After years apart, Kate has suddenly returned, and Andrew is determined to get the closure he needs to finally put their bittersweet past behind him. 

But spending time together proves to be more complicated than this duo expects. Their friends are worried, Kate's sister is still working against them, and they've both grown into entirely different people. 

When Kate decides to take the plunge and scene with Andrew again, a second chance seems all but guaranteed, but the messiness of their breakup won't be settled without a fight. This time, will Kate and Andrew choose to battle for each other?


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TW - blood in the prologue (accident)

Bound to the Past NOOK.jpg



Ever since Michael Waverly joined Stronghold and recognized Ellie Sanders he's wanted to scene with her, but over time it's turned into something more than that and he knows one scene just won't satisfy him. Unfortunately, she's been avoiding him and she has a reputation for never doing more than playing at the club - no commitments.

Now, for the first time, her defenses seem to be down and she's giving him a chance - but while she's willing to sign a club contract with him, will she ever be willing to open her heart?

Ellie is so full of secrets sometimes she feels like that's all she's made of - all the things she doesn't want other people to know about her. The person she's most afraid of revealing all of her secrets to is Michael - her one-time protector and crush in high school, now grown into a devastatingly attractive sadist at Stronghold. She wants to play with him. More than that, she wants to know if maybe she has a chance for a normal relationship with him... the first man in a long time that she's both trusted and been attracted to. Unfortunately for Ellie, normal has always been out of her reach. The most important secret of all is the one she's keeping from everyone, especially Michael, because there's no way he'd ever want her if he knew the truth.

But communication is everything in a relationship like this and Michael's determined to strip back all of Ellie's defenses and claim her as his own... with a determined Dom like that, what chance does a scared subbie have of keeping her secrets?    

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TW - Character has experiences sexual assault/rape, described in conversation but not shown on page


It takes a strong man to win the heart of an even stronger woman.

Luke Evans is a confident, commanding man who happens to really like a bossy woman in the bedroom, so it's no surprise when he's immediately drawn to Stronghold's bossiest Domme, Olivia Williams. Unfortunately for him, while he's just Olivia's type in a lot of ways, she's not happy that he's in a position of professional power over her, a decision she was not privy to when it was made. She's determined not to mix business with pleasure, no matter how appealing putting Luke Evans on his knees in front of her would be. But Luke's just as much a go-getter as Olivia and he's perfectly happy to join the class of new submissives in order to show her just how far he's willing to go.

When it becomes clear Olivia has attracted the attention of someone else - and not in a good way - the tension among the entire Stronghold group goes through the roof and Luke can't help but feel protective no matter how Olivia resists him.

With two strong personalities both used to winning, who will come out on top in the end?

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TW - discussion of miscarriage (not main characters)



Sharon Bianchi knows just how lucky she is. Not everyone's grandmother leaves them a trust fund and virtually no worries. But money doesn't mean Sharon's life has been perfect, and after the childhood she had she's more than grateful to have found friends who love and accept her for who she is and not what she can do for them. Even if she does have to put up with constant side-eye from Lexie's big brother, Jake.

With a little help from his friends, Jake Standish has made a successful return to civilian life after serving in the Army. There's only one issue: his unfortunate attraction to the last single woman in his social circle. Sharon is loud, crass, and completely over-the-top. Everything about her grates on him -- including the way he can't get her out of his head.

One very explosive New Year's Eve will set these two frenemies on fire for each other. Is theirs a collision course with disaster or happily-ever-after?

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Dare to be naughty this holiday season and step into the hottest BDSM club around, where the stockings aren't the only things that are hung... or stuffed.

This steamy collection of holiday short stories featuring the Stronghold Doms includes:

All I Want for Christmas

Holiday Tease

Little Leigh

Doctor's Orders

Mistletoe Meltdown

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Steamy Stocking Stuffers_ebook.jpg

All she wants for Christmas is for her passion to return.

Betrayed by the fictional fantasies that promised she'd be ready to rock Adam's world again in no time after having a baby, Angel has struggled to reconnect with herself and her very patient partner in the months after they became parents. With a little help from meddling friends, Angel and Master Adam finally have the chance to rediscover their relationship and their happily-ever-after.

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