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Exclusive Teaser!!!

MARCH 19, 2021

Not much longer now until Rogue Booty is here! Check out this exclusive teaser below, just for Newsletter subscribers!

Rogue Booty-Golden Angel.jpg


When Mack opened the door to the cabin, he was somewhat surprised to see Blythe on her feet, mostly dressed again, facing him with an air of challenge. Certainly, a change from the sleepy, satisfied woman he’d left.
“So?” she asked, her voice clipped with tension. “Am I staying or going?” Her eyes widened when the ship rocked, and she realized it was moving.
Mack grinned. “Welcome to the crew, Bonny Blythe. The captain will be along shortly, but in the meantime, I’m to warm you up.”
“Warm me...” Her voice trailed off as she caught his meaning. She shook her head, surprising him. “I’m plenty amenable to, ah, servicing him when he’s ready for me. There’s no need for more.” A blush actually appeared on her cheeks, intriguing Mack. Whatever the reason for her sudden resistance, Mack wasn’t all that interested.
“Maybe not, love,” he replied, shrugging as he moved toward her. “But captain’s orders.”
“Wait!” She protested, putting her hands on his chest as he reached for her.
Mack wasn’t particularly interested in waiting. The deal had been struck... and he wasn’t going to be sinking into her… yet. As eager as she’d been earlier, he was sure he could get her back to that place. He was looking forward to it.
So, instead of waiting for more protests, he pulled her against his body, enjoying the feel of her lean muscles and soft curves against him, the way her mouth opened under his, and the pleasure of having a woman in his arms. She submitted to his kiss with a sigh, and Mack picked her up, a buttock in each hand, so she had to wrap her legs around his waist.
Still kissing her, he moved toward the large bed, the bulge of his erection rubbing against her with every step. Even through the fabric of their clothing, he could feel the heat from her pussy. Tipping her back onto the bed, he ended the kiss, leaving her flushed and panting—time to get her naked again.
“Mack… wait… I don’t need—”
He ignored her protests as he stripped her down to her skin, taking the time to pull the pins from the tight knot of her hair. The waves of hair rested against the tops of her breasts, soft and silky to the touch.
When he cupped her breasts, she grabbed his wrists, trying to push his hands away, sounding annoyed and a little distressed.
“I don’t need this, Mack! I’ll fuck the captain when he gets back. You don’t need to do... this.”
Mack raised his eyebrows at her. “Captain’s orders, remember lass? Besides, this is for my own pleasure.”
He squeezed her breasts hard to emphasize his words. When he lowered his mouth to suckle her nipple, she let out a shriek of outrage, grabbed his hair, and tugged to pull his mouth away.
Enough was enough.
When Mack finally pulled back from her breasts, already aching from his handling, Blythe breathed a sigh of relief. Figured the two men she wished would just spread her legs and have her would be more interested in making sure she enjoyed herself. She didn’t want to, damnit, but it was also hard to find the line between denying herself and denying them.
She hadn’t felt she could protest a kiss, and Mack had a point that fondling her breasts was something he probably enjoyed, but once his hot mouth closed around her nipple, she knew she wouldn’t be able to remain aloof, and she panicked. Thankfully, he stopped, although he was staring down at her grimly, which didn’t bode well.
“That’s it,” he said, jumping up.
Blythe blinked, but before she could sit up to see what he was doing, he’d returned and lifted her up to toss her further onto the bed, at its center. Mack climbed onto the bed, grabbing her wrists and pushing them above her head.
“What are you doing?!” she shrieked when she felt the rope winding around her wrists. It scratched at her skin, holding her tightly enough, nothing happened when she tried to jerk her hands away. Looking up, she was horrified to see Mack quickly loop the rope around one of the slats in the headboard, effectively tying her to the bed.
A sailor knew all the best knots, so she knew she had no chance of releasing herself.
“Much better,” Mack said, looking pleased as he threw himself half atop her, his body pressing down on her hips and keeping her lower half immobile while his face was right at her breasts.
“Don’t, please don’t,” she pleaded as he traced his tongue around her nipple. The little bud hardened, contradicting her words.
“Please don’t what, beauty?” he asked, chuckling. “Don’t enjoy these beautiful tits?” He pinched her nipple, making her gasp and squirm beneath him. “That would be a crime.”
She gasped as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, worrying the sensitive flesh with his teeth, his dark eyes watching her face for reaction. Blythe could do nothing to stop the lust that stabbed through her, the needy ache flowering in her core... She jerked against the ropes holding her wrists, but there was no give.
Helpless... that’s what she was.
Which only aroused her further, to her dismay. Why being unable to move would cause her kitty to flutter, she did not know, but every time she jerked at the bonds, her pussy clenched in reaction.
When Mack kissed his way down her stomach, tracing small patterns on her skin with his tongue, she knew where he was headed. There was nothing she could do to stop him. She tried to close her legs, but his big body was already between her thighs. Easily grasping a limb with each arm, he pried them apart, exposing her pussy to his eyes, then his mouth.
Blythe let out a small sob as his tongue slid up her center, tasting the sensitive flesh, teasing her with the pleasure.
“Please, no,” she begged. “You don’t need to do this.”
Chuckling, Mack shook his head between her thighs.
“I think I do, love.” He slid his tongue up her sweet slit again, making her hips rise. She was so sweet and wet, and he loved the taste of a lusty woman. Blythe certainly fit the bill, even if she was determined not to enjoy herself for some reason. Mack was just as determined she would. “For my own pleasure. Besides, captain’s orders.”
She let out a frustrated noise as he dipped his head back down, lapping at her tender flesh. With a hand on each thigh, he held them well apart, her body completely vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to her.
Jake had wanted her hot and ready for when he was available, and Mack was happy to oblige. His brother liked giving orders, no matter where he was. Mack could be bossy in his own right, otherwise he’d be a terrible first mate, but he didn’t mind following Jake’s lead in most things.
Especially right now.
His cock achingly hard, he pressed his hips against the bed, teasing himself as much as he was teasing Blythe. Mack couldn’t wait to sink into her, but he wouldn’t, not until his brother arrived.
Instead, he would lick and suck on Blythe’s sweet pussy until she was writhing and begging for release... but that would also have to wait for Jake.

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