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From the past to the present, they've always been rivals. Who will finally come out on top?

In high school, Quinton and Samantha competed for top honors in almost every course. Now that they're all grown up and members of the same club, their old rivalry flares back up the moment they lay eyes on each other. When they find themselves paired together in a steamy kink class, these two switches discover that their competitive natures burn even hotter in the bedroom. Both older, both wiser, and both more determined than ever to win, Q and Sam must navigate power dynamics like never before.

Will the struggle for ultimate control lead them both to fail, or can they ace this class and embrace a future together?


Masters of Marquis
1. Bondage Buddies
2. Master Chef
3. Law and Disorder
4. Switch Play
5. Legally Bound
6. Shallow Submission
7. Hidden Away
8. Giant Tamer

Switch Play

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