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-Romance doesn't end at age fifty, and these three couples are here to prove it.

This group of gamers has plenty of experience points, but they're about to embark on some new campaigns - to win back an ex, to repair a marriage, and a battle for dominance that will leave everyone hot and bothered.




-Rule Zero: The Dungeon Master Makes the Rules.

Master Gavin and his ex-wife Leah have never gotten over each other, but she's finally ready to move on so she can enjoy her golden years with a partner. What she didn't expect was that her ex-husband wants the same thing, but he doesn't want to move on. He wants to make things work with them so they can have the future together that they always dreamed of.




-As life happens, happily-ever-after gets harder to hold on to...

With two teenagers and two busy jobs, it got way too easy for Jax and Esther to let their marriage and passion slip in priorities. But now Jax is sneaking around and Esther is getting suspicious... is their marriage in more danger than she thought?




-In this battle of wills, only one dominant comes out on top...

They've been friends forever, but Master Aiden and Mistress Cyana are throwing some serious sparks. A bet and a night of passion lead to revelations for both of them, but is it too late to teach an old dog some new tricks?

Dungeons and Doms Trilogy

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