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She'll melt in his arms...

No longer raw from heartbreak, Bree is finally ready to take on the world. Intent on finding the man -- and Daddy -- she's always wanted, and she can't stop crushing on the very handsome owner of her new favorite gourmet grilled cheese truck. She's attracted to Owen, but in the wake of her recent breakup with a toxic ex, Bree can't be sure her instincts about men are sharp enough to trust.

When a certain friend of a friend becomes single, Owen knows she's the perfect pairing for his controlling tastes. Aware of her curiosity, Owen suggests they turn up the heat so he can show Bree what it's like to have a Daddy Dom. He's putting his heart on the line - will it end up shredded or could this be the start of something delicious?

Daddies Everywhere
1. Taco Daddy
2. Cheese Daddy
3. Garden Daddy
4. Chef Daddy
5. Foosball Daddies

Cheese Daddy

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