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The Marquess of Camden is almost healed, and his lovely nurse will soon be moving on to a new patient -- unless he can find a way to bind her to him forever.

After a lifetime of service to the crown, Lord Oliver has grown tired of commanding spies and capturing traitors. The time has come to claim his ultimate prize: the strict nurse whose touch has done far more than just heal his injured body.

Miss Diana Rutherford is content with her unconventional life, freely traveling from place to place and earning money to send home to her family. While love and marriage were never part of her plan, neither was falling for one of her most intriguing patients.

But when the spinster nurse falls so far that she lands in the roguish lord's bed, both are surprised by just how far he is willing to go to claim her as his wife.

Desire and Discipline Series
1. A Season for Bliss
2. A Season for Desire
3. A Season for Christmas

A Season For Desire (Desire and Discipline Book 2)

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