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Will her new husband's secrets be the end of her happiness, or just the beginning?

After a string of disappointing courtships, Miss Priscilla Bliss had all but resigned herself to spinsterhood until Lord Joseph Stuart swept her off her feet in a love match that titillated the ton.

Though their love burns bright, Priscilla cannot ignore her husband's enigmatic behavior. Convinced that Joseph is concealing something from her, she decides to follow him to uncover his secrets. What she discovers is a shocking revelation -- and a most unexpected pleasure -- about her husband's sensual appetites. Yet as Priscilla sets out to save her marriage, and teach her husband a valuable lesson in the process, she must embrace the darkest desires of all: her own.

Desire and Discipline
1. A Season for Bliss
2. A Season for Desire
3. A Season for Christmas

A Season For Bliss (Desire and Discipline Book 1)

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