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Exclusive Teaser!!!

Check out this exclusive teaser below, just for Newsletter subscribers! Please note: this is unedited.

When he dropped to his knees in front of her, at her feet, and pulled off his mask to reveal his face, her heart pounded so hard, she thought it might actually burst out of her chest. Warmth flooded through her like fire, crackling along her senses, making her tingle from head to toe as she realized his intention.

“You did something for me. Now, I’m going to do something for you.” His smile was utterly wicked, his statement full of confidence that she was going to allow such presumption.

She was not.

Was she?

She stared down at him as he lifted her skirts and felt his hands gliding up the insides of her legs, touching her in a manner no man had ever dared to.

And she was not stopping him.

Instead, she was leaning back, her legs parting farther as the desk took more of her weight, and he disappeared under her skirts.

“Oh!” Her thighs were exquisitely sensitive as his palms and lips ran over them, kissing his way upward. She leaned back even more, her hips tilting forward, her hands bracing against the desk to keep herself steady as his presumption became her pleasure.

Though she had touched herself after witnessing some of the scenes at the Society, imagining what it would be like to be in their position, nothing could have prepared her for the reality. She controlled herself, but right now, she did not control him. She never knew where he was going to touch next, whether it would be firm or gentle, whether he would use his fingers, lips, tongue, or all three.

Diana gasped as his fingers parted her split drawers, brushing against her dewy curls. She could feel his hot breath on her inner thighs, and it was deliciously depraved. Her senses were swirling, drowning in the new sensations.

She was not going to stop him.

She could not.

She did not want to.

“Oh!” She cried out again as his tongue touched her for the first time, awakening ecstasy she had not known existed. It was sweet, hot bliss as his tongue delved between her folds, curling and exploring, the hot suction sending her into a paroxysm of pleasure. His shoulders pushed between her thighs, lifting her feet from the ground, and there was a patter of thuds as several of the floggers were pushed off the desk, falling to the floor to make room for her.

The Marquess’ tongue was buried in her cunt, his shoulders holding her thighs wide apart, his hands sliding under her bottom to grip it tightly. It was a fever dream of eroticism, making her writhe as tension coiled within her, tighter and tighter. She could feel the heat of his skin on the backs of her calves through her stockings.

“Oh, please… more…” Her hips moved as much as they could, pushing against his skilled mouth as her pleasure coiled tighter.

He found a spot, the little spot she’d found with her fingers, and flicked it with his tongue. Diana shuddered, gasping for breath, then he sucked the little nubbin there between his lips, and she shattered.

It was in no way equal to the pleasure she’d discovered for herself with secret touches—it was far, far greater. Her fingers gripped the edge of the desk so hard, the wood creaked as fireworks of rapture exploded inside her, more dizzying and more powerful than any at Vauxhall Gardens. Diana’s legs pressed together, trapping his head there against her—not that he was trying to get away—as wave after wave of sweet release crashed over her.

He suckled that tender spot until she went limp, and her muscles turned to water from the extreme sensations that coursed through her. The arm she’d used to flog him, in particular, no longer felt functional. She wanted to lie down and not move for at least eight hours.

How did people do this, then go on to watch more scenes? Or even participate in them?

Then again, she was a novice. Perhaps it was a matter of stamina and desensitization. Two things she did not intend to experiment with.

The Marquess pulled away, coming back out from under her skirts. His face was flushed nearly as bright as his back after the flogging, and there was a thin sheen of gloss around his mouth. My arousal. My pleasure. Diana blushed hotly, pressing her legs together, which just made all the sensations simmer again.

Looking up to meet her gaze, still on his knees, the Marquess looked her directly in the eye as he licked her cream from his lips.

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