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Exclusive Teaser!!!

Check out this exclusive teaser below, just for Newsletter subscribers! Please note: this is unedited.


Pulling a willing Bree along behind him, Owen couldn’t help but shake his head while he looked for an open spanking bench. Spanking her over cheese. This was definitely not how he’d expected his night to go, but… it was always more fun when there was a reason to spank a sub, even if it was a ridiculous one.

Was there a part of him that was a little sad she didn’t like blue cheese?

Yes. Yes, there was. Owen hadn’t met a cheese he didn’t like, and he loved to share his love of food and cheese with others. On the other hand, he could look at it a different way—more blue cheese for him.

Spotting a free bench, Owen led Bree over to it. Pausing, he looked down at her. Her expression was wide open and easy to read—excitement, anticipation, arousal.

“It’s okay being in the main room tonight?” he asked, just to make sure. Now that they were here and she could see everyone around them, the audience that they would have, she might feel differently. “I’m planning on stripping you out of that corset and skirt and spanking your naughty bottom bare, so if you have a problem with that, I need you to speak up sooner rather than later.”

“No problem.” Bree shook her head. “I don’t really get off on exhibitionism, but it doesn’t bother me.” She met his gaze. “I want this.”

Something about the way she said it made him wonder if she was talking about experiencing something with a Daddy Dom, or if she meant she wanted him in particular. He wasn’t sure he dared hope for the latter. Right now, he was winging this entire night, unsure where he was going, which was very unlike him, but hey, it was working out so far.

“Good girl.” He paused as something else occurred to him. “Do I have your permission to touch you sexually? Again, you don’t have to—”

“Yes.” She cut him off. “Yes, you have my permission to give me an orgasm. Please, Daddy.”

Then she winked at him.

Well, he knew when he was getting a green light. His dick, which had been hardening while they were talking, went straight to full mast as all his blood rushed to his groin. No, he wasn’t planning on getting off tonight. She hadn’t said yes to sex, after all, and it was way too soon for that.

Oddly, if this was a meaningless encounter, he would have asked if she was interested in sex. But this wasn’t meaningless. It couldn’t be. This was Bree. Which meant he was going to get her off, then send her home like a fucking gentleman. Then, hopefully, they’d keep moving forward and eventually they’d get to the sex.

“First you insulted my cheese and now you’ve interrupted me,” he said sternly, shaking his head, though he winked at her to make sure she understood he wasn’t at all serious. “You keep racking up the punishments, naughty girl.” Yes, he’d noticed her reaction to those two words and was going to use them to his advantage.

“Well, I didn’t know all blue cheese was your cheese,” she replied, utterly failing to hide her smile. “Sorry, Daddy.”

“Oh, you’re definitely going to be sorry, sweetheart. Clothes off.” Even though he’d already told her his plan, a thrill went through him as he said the words again. This was really happening now.

She sighed as he undid the corset, slumping slightly and relaxing. Pulling it free of her body, he took a moment to run his hands over the indentations it had left on her skin. The touch wasn’t exactly sexual, because he avoided her breasts, but she still sighed as his hands moved over her torso.

It was impossible to miss the way her nipples stood at attention as he touched her. The little brown nubs were practically begging to be sucked… pinched… so he ignored them. That was part of her funishment. The indignant look in her eyes when she realized he wasn’t going to touch her breasts, but instead move his hands lower to slide her skirt down over her hips, was all the validation he needed.

Bree wanted an orgasm.

He planned to give her one.

He was also going to enjoy teasing her, a little bit of payback for the way she’d unintentionally been teasing him for months. Not that she’d meant to, but that didn’t matter. It was a Dom’s prerogative to tease.

Besides, she’d been a naughty girl, which meant she shouldn’t get everything she wanted immediately.

“You can leave the underwear on if you want to,” he said, looking up from his current position on one knee in front of her. Sliding his hand up her inner thigh, he enjoyed the feel of her soft skin against his palm and the way her lips parted at his touch.

She took a moment before answering.

“I’m fine either way.”

While she might say that, the fact she’d needed to think about it made Owen decide to leave them on. They weren’t going to be a lot of protection, anyway, and he knew she’d left them on when she’d scened with Master Tom. Since this was a ‘test run’ for her, keeping that tiny barrier wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

Hopefully, it would also help him keep his own desires under control. He had already decided against sex tonight, which was going to be even more torture for him, but at least he was in control of this was torture. And he was finally getting to touch Bree.

Spank Bree.

Get his hands all over Bree.

Make Bree moan with pleasure.

“We’ll leave them on.” Her little moue of disappointment made him smile. “Get in position on the bench, sweetheart, so I can spank your naughty bottom.”

Oh, yes, someone definitely liked being called naughty. She sucked in a breath, then turned away from him. Even though she didn’t really need him for support, Owen still had his hands on her when she straddled the bench. It couldn’t hurt, and he liked touching her. Stroking her sides. Holding her hips as she got into position.

Her very spankable ass was now tilted upward as she wriggled it as she tried to get more comfortable. Owen stepped back to enjoy the show. The bench had places for her hands and knees, but it was still not a position she was used to, so it took her a moment to settle into place.

“Fucking gorgeous,” he said, running his hands over her buttocks and giving them a squeeze. The lacy red panties were bright against her brown skin, and he could see that the gusset was already soaked with her arousal. “Are you ready for your spanking, naughty girl?”

Bree’s breath hitched before she replied.

“Yes, Daddy.”

Another little wiggle from her body.

Owen grinned as he rubbed his hands over her bottom, going back and forth between where her skin was exposed and the lace of her underwear. Bent over like this, there was quite a bit of her bottom peeking out, including her sit spots, which would be the most painful if he spanked them.

“Why are you being punished, sweetheart?”

Rather than answering right away, she lifted her head to look over her shoulder with an incredulous expression. Owen brought his hand down hard on her bottom, giving her one initial stinging swat that made her yelp. Her head snapped back around into place.

“You need to answer me, naughty girl. Why are you being punished? A punishment does no good if the person being punished doesn’t know why.” That was actually very true, and if she ever got a real disciplinary spanking, they’d be doing the exact same thing but with more serious intent.

Bree huffed out a sigh and shook her head, but she still answered.

“Because I interrupted you and insulted your cheese.” She actually sounded a little sorry about the first part, but when she got to the second part, it sounded more like she was mocking him. Owen shook his head. Maybe he’d give her a little harder spanking than he initially intended… though, of course, it would all depend on how well she took it.

“You don’t sound very sorry.”

“I’m so sorry, Daddy.” Despite herself, she couldn’t quite hold the sincerity in her voice and ended up giggling halfway through, which made Owen’s lips twitch.

Well, she’d probably take it more seriously in a few minutes.

Lifting his hand, he brought it down on her bottom with a crisp, firm swat that made her squeal and jump in place. It wasn’t truly a hard swat but enough to ensure she really felt it. Before she could say anything, his hand was already coming down again.

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