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Exclusive Teaser!!!

Check out this exclusive teaser below, just for Newsletter subscribers! Please note: this is unedited.

The kiss was meant to be gentle. A brush of the lips, a promise for the future…

Her hand came up to wrap around the back of his neck, and she met his lips with unexpected hunger. Marcus’ grip on her tightened as his need roared to life, thrumming through him with heavy demand. That had not been his intention, but once her lips latched onto his, she wasn’t willing to let go.

She wriggled in his lap, deliberately rubbing herself against his growing bulge. Little brat. He should have expected that she would try to take over and push things in the direction she wanted, whatever his intentions were.

Thankfully, he was more than willing to go in the direction she wanted, but they were going to do it on his terms.

Sliding one arm under her knees, he wrapped the other securely around her back and stood. Eden squealed, breaking off the kiss and clinging to him as the stable lap she was resting on disappeared, until she was being held in front of him.

“If you don’t want to continue the scene, now is the time to say so,” he warned her, walking toward the bed.

“If I somehow wasn’t clear enough, I want you to hurry up and do me, Daddy,” she retorted, her fingers stroking over the back of his neck where she knew he was sensitive. All the hair on his arms stood up in response to the ticklish sensation. If he had any hair on his head, it probably would have stood as well.

His cock sure as hell was standing at attention again.

Part of him wanted to ask if she was sure, just because he wanted the reassurance, but he knew that was guaranteed to piss her off. When it came to asking for what she wanted, Eden didn’t say things she didn’t mean. Asking if she was sure she really wanted to have sex with him was questioning her judgment, and they’d already been through enough emotional upheaval this evening.

“If you’re sure,” he said, which got him an eyeroll from her, but she didn’t get mad like she would have if he’d asked rather than left it open. “Don’t roll your eyes at Daddy, little girl.” He tossed her onto the bed, making her bounce, and she immediately rolled to her side with a squeal as landing on her butt reignited all the sting from the spankings.

“Ow, Daddy!” She pouted up at him, and he shook his head because he knew that it was all an act. “My bottom hurts.”

“Oh, no. Poor baby,” he replied, giving her his best mock sympathy. “Here, let Daddy make it all better.”

Grabbing her by the ankle he pulled her toward him so he could finish stripping off her clothes. Not that he did it quickly. No, he enjoyed baring every delicious inch of her, taking his time to caress, stroke, and kiss the skin revealed as he relieved her of her underwear and rolled her dress up and over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so he fell upon those pert, sweet, brown nipples like a starving man.

Moaning, Eden arched her back, running her hands over the smooth skin of his head and down to the nape of his neck to hold him in place. Not that he needed any encouragement to lick, suck, and bite the swollen nubs. He showered attention on her breasts like the starving man he was. He hadn’t truly fed since long before the divorce papers had been signed.

Now, she was offering to let him back into her garden, and he fell upon her like the manna from heaven that she was. Once he was done with her breasts, he moved down her belly, coming closer and closer to her promised land. His tongue delved into the valley, the taste of her ambrosia exploding on his tongue.

Eden cried out, writhing, her thighs clamping around his head as he swept his tongue between her folds, flicking the tip against the little bundle of excited nerves at its apex. Her hips moved in time with his tongue. Sliding his hands under her thighs, he pushed them farther apart with his shoulders, wrapping his hands around them to hold her open for his oral assault.

And he feasted.

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