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Golden Angel's 2023 Reading Challenge!

I want to do something extra fun this year that both long-time and new readers can enjoy, and my friends Christine Breen, Jacki James, and Azalea Ellis made this AMAZING suggestion. I loved doing reading challenges when I was a kid, so now we’re going to have an adult version with my books!

Sign Up for the 2023 Challenge is Now CLOSED 


So what are you reading for?


- An end-of-year Zoom Reading Challenge Party
- A Grand Prize Giveaway including signed books, special swag, and surprises galore

- Multiple opportunities to win EXCLUSIVE swag packs

- Multiple opportunities to win signed paperbacks


How will it work? 

By signing up for the challenge you will receive:

- an invitation for the Zoom Party

- the special Challenge Welcome packet with exclusive swag

- One entry into the Grand Prize drawing and one entry into each of the other end-of-year-drawings

- an invitation to the newsletter for monthly mini-challenges

- an invitation to the Reading Challenge Facebook group for monthly mini-challenges and group discussions

- As you complete the Challenges throughout the year you will receive the specific prizes available for each Challenge as well as additional entries into the end-of-year and Grand Prize drawings.

What are the challenges? 

- Read the Stronghold Doms Series

- Read the Dungeons & Doms Series

- Read the Bridal Discipline Series

- Read the Deception and Discipline Series


In addition to these four main challenges there will also be monthly mini-challenges all year long (announced in the Facebook group and newsletter) starting in February. These are great options for anyone who can't complete a full series challenge to earn bonus entries into the end-of-year giveaways, or for those who want to earn as many entries as possible!


I’ve also planned a BONUS Challenge for anyone who completes the four main challenges and wants more! 


What are the details? 

When you sign up for the challenge I will request your name, email, and mailing address and you will be sent a welcome packet containing:


- One Reading Challenge Bookmark

- One Reading Challenge Door Hanger if you sign up by January 31st

- The Four Challenges to Complete

- One Bonus Challenge


When you finish reading each series, you will complete a Challenge Test - a quiz, a crossword puzzle, a bingo sheet, and a word search - to show that you've read the series. You will email me a picture of your finished Challenge Test and I will mail you a swag prize specific to that challenge along with a sticker to put on your Challenge Bookmark. You will also get additional entries into the end-of-year giveaways for every Challenge you complete. 


When you complete the Stronghold Doms Reading Challenge you will receive: 

A "Love Like a Stronghold Girl" sticker, a drink koozie, and 4 extra entries into the end-of-year giveaways


When you complete the Dungeons & Doms Reading Challenge you will receive:

A signed picture of the Dungeons & Doms cover and 2 extra entries into the end-of-year giveaways


When you complete the Bridal Discipline Reading Challenge you will receive: 

A (commissioned character art possibly?) and 3 extra entries into the end-of-year giveaways


When you complete the Deception and Discipline Reading Challenge you will receive: 

A Golden Angel hand fan and 3 extra entries into the end-of-year giveaways


For those who complete all four challenges, you will receive a Golden Angel Reading Challenge tote bag!

Once all four challenges are complete, you also have the opportunity to complete the Bonus Challenge. The Bonus Challenge is reading the not-yet-finished Masters of Marquis Series and the prize for that is a special pin that is not available anywhere else.  


"What if I've already read all these books?"

Congratulations (and thank you)! These challenges will be super easy for you. Just complete the quiz, crossword, bingo, and word search that come in your welcome packet and email me a pic to get all your awesome swag!


"What was that about reviews?"

Other ways to get extra entries for the end-of-year giveaways is to leave reviews! If you've previously left reviews for any of these books, those count too. Email me links or screenshots of OLD and NEW reviews throughout the year - they can be left on retailers, Goodreads, or BookBub - and each will net you another entry into the giveaways.


I cannot express how excited I am about this. I think it will be SO much fun. 


YES this is open to my non-US readers. All of the special swag is going to be lightweight specifically so that I could include everyone.

None of your information will be shared or used for anything other than this challenge.


Hope to see you at the end-of-year Zoom Party!


Take care and stay sassy,



P.S. Please feel free to share the challenge with any of your friends that you think might enjoy it!

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