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Tacos aren't the only thing this domineering Daddy can stuff...

Andres likes it spicy. After all, he owns and operates one of the most popular food trucks around, Rojo Fondo Tacos. And when he's done working hard, he's always ready to play. Recognizing a complaining customer at the kink club should be his cue to call it a night, but what Daddy could resist the temptation to give a bratty beauty a little extra heat?

Rita isn't impressed by Andres' cuisine, and she certainly wasn't afraid to say so... when she had no idea he was listening. The last thing she expected for speaking her mind was to find herself turned over his knee while exploring the local club scene on Newbie Night, but to Rita's surprise, Andres isn't just interested in revenge. He's actually hungry for much more.

Taco Daddy

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