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Frenemies-with-benefits in paradise... because there's no way that could go horribly wrong.

For one adventurous bridal party, a week away at the exclusive Hideaway Island resort is the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable bachelor-and-bachelorette celebration. And as the maid-of-honor, Rae doesn't want to cause any problems when an unexpected complication forces her out of her guest room. Bunking with the one man she can't get out of her head - the infuriatingly bossy best man - might be a temptation, but it's better than ruining the ongoing party for the bride and groom.

Daddy Dom Brian is sure of two things - one, Rae is a natural babygirl, and two, she's just as attracted to him as he is to her. So when dumb luck gives him an entire week to put both of those beliefs to the test, he readily agrees to enjoy all the secret passion and pleasure Rae is willing to share with him so he can finally prove to her they belong together.

What happens on the island stays on the island... that's supposed to be the agreement. But Brian's tired of playing by the rules.

Masters of Marquis
1. Bondage Buddies
2. Master Chef
3. Law and Disorder
4. Switch Play
5. Legally Bound
6. Shallow Submission
7. Hidden Away
8. Giant Tamer

Hidden Away

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