Venus Rising

Want to expand your horizons? Learn about pleasing yourself and your partners? Explore some desires you've kept hidden from your partner? The Venus School of Sex is the place for you.

1. The Venus School

2. Venus Aspiring

3. Venus Desiring

4. Venus Trancendant



When Jessica signs up, eager to learn more about herself and her unexplored fantasies of being tied up and submitting to a dominant man, she has no idea that two of her co-workers are also going to be there as instructors. Justin and Chris have been wanting to get close to Jessica for a long time and they see this as their big chance for one of them to win her. 

As Jessica delves deeper into exploring the unusual classes, she finds herself falling for her two hunky instructors and is even convinced to take their Menage Trois Class. Can she handle the two men or will she have to choose between them?

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At the end of Book 1, Jessica Swift returned home from the Venus School to find that the two instructors she'd fallen for actually work at the same company as her. The fantasies and desires of her surreal two weeks at the school clash with the reality of wanting two men equally, especially since she'd not even sure if the men she fell for are real. 

Justin and Chris are willing to fight for Jessica, to prove to her that she can trust them despite their deception, and to convince her to give them a chance to see if they can turn fantasy into reality.

Will she be forced to choose between them? Even if she doesn't, how can a relationship like that possibly work in real life? What will their friends and family think? Jessica doesn't have any of the answers, but she has a lot of fears to push through in order to find her happily ever after. 

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Jessica's best friend Hilary has had several run in's with Liam, a sexy Dom from Stronghold who is good friends with Jessica's boyfriends Justin and Chris. While Hilary finds him attractive, and he's just as attracted to her, she's not sure that the BDSM scene is for her and hes not sure he wants to invest time in a newbie to the scene. Liam's been looking for a relationship for awhile, but he finds that a lot of subs want more bondage and punishment than he's interested in. Is Hilary what he's been looking for? And will she find the courage to let them try?

Meanwhile, Jessica's family is less than supportive as she struggles to come to terms with the reality of having two boyfriends who share her. Justin and Chris want to take their relationship to the next level, but how can she when her parents are avoiding her because of that relationship?

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When Jessica went to the Venus School of Sex she never imagined that she would fall in love with one man, much less two. She'd just gotten comfortable with the idea of going semi-public at home with Justin and Chris when her ex-boyfriend outed their unconventional relationship to all her friends. To her horror she finds out that her family is the reason her ex even knows about it. But it doesn't matter how people react, she's not going to give up on Justin and Chris and they're not going to give up on her - it's time to face her family and make them realize that she's choosing her happiness over other people's judgments.

Liam and Hilary are having their own problems now that Liam's realized Hilary kept him a secret from her parents. What he can't understand is why. He's been falling in love with his honey-girl, does she not feel the same way?

This is the conclusion to the Venus Rising Quartet, although Justin, Chris, Jessica, Liam and Hilary will also appear quite often in G. Angel's follow-up Stronghold series, for which there is a teaser included at the end of this book.

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