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Rule Zero: The Dungeon Master Makes the Rules. 

The critical hit of divorce didn't stop their games. They kept scening together at the club and private parties for years after their split. But this no-strings-attached campaign isn't enough for Dungeon Master Gavin; he wants more than just a physical relationship with his ex-wife Leah. Unfortunately, he might already be too late. When he shows up to declare his intentions, Leah's on her way out the door for a date with someone else.

There's no playbook to help him now, but Gavin isn't willing to give up. He won her heart once and he's determined to win that battle again, no matter the odds.

Master Chef


Executive Chef Nick Davis has the hots for his Sous Chef, Avery Kzmarscki, but she's been playing hard to get for weeks. It's time to see if Nick can be the boss both in and out of the kitchen and become Avery's Master Chef.


Author Note

I once saw a meme explaining that the Venn Diagram of people who play D&D, people who go to Renn Fair, and people who are kinky is basically a stack of pancakes. In my own life, as someone who loves Renn Fair and has many friends who play D&D, I found this to be true. D&D was always something I wanted to get into in high school but never had the time, and when I did have the time there was no DM. It’s a life of missed D&D chances.
But thanks to the internet, now there’s Roll20 and all sorts of other options.
And, as a nerdy kink author, I also wasn’t going to miss out on a chance to make lots of Dungeon Master puns. It’s like they’re begging for it.