Exclusive Teaser!!!

November 25, 2021

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Alien Abduction

“You are even more amazing than I knew.”

I can’t tell him what those words meant to me - not that I’m giving the time. His mouth descends on mine, kissing me almost desperately, and the next thing I know I’m swung up into his arms. He’s carrying me against his chest like we’re on the cover of a romance novel and rushing me back to his quarters while I giggle madly.

It’s amazing my vagina hasn’t caught on fire from all the friction yet, but it hasn’t. 

The doors to Arkdhem’s quarters glide open and the next thing I know I'm bouncing onto our big bed. I yelp as my chastened cheeks touch the blanket. I'm still sore from the spanking.

I flip over to hands and knees and start to crawl up the bed but my big gold mate grasps my ankles and pulls me back down the bed. There's a flutter in my pussy at the sight of him towering over me in his full armor. His gaze is hot and intent on mine as he drags me down the bed and parts my legs. I try to plant my feet into the bed to push my hips up and get the pressure off my poor bottom, but he maneuvers to my back and down to the edge of bed where he's knelt. His palms cup my rear cheeks and he squeezes. I whimper but can’t deny how the sting awakens my arousal. My pussy is already slick ready for him. He wedges himself between my knees and tosses up the filmy garments that he dresses me in to wear out of the room. Something rips and he grunts, almost growling as he tears the rest of it out of the way.

I’m flat on my back, abs tightening as I fold in half to watch him take control. My legs are spread wide around his lean bulk. The Bride Trainer flows away to reveal my pussy to him. His nostrils flare as he inhales my scent. I squirm but his left hand comes to my inner thigh, holding me open. With his right, he spreads my labia with two fingers and leans in as if studying my open sex. I’m dripping. 

“Master,” I whisper, my voice gone husky. He hasn’t specifically instructed me to call him Master every time we’re in the bedroom, but it’s hot, and he definitely likes it. And when he’s happy, he’s more inclined to make me happy, right?  

“Lie back,” he orders. 

I obey, raising my hands over my head in the way I know will please him. The move pushes up my breasts. My nipples are still sore from their earlier treatment, pink and puffy.  

“Good girl,” he purrs. His thumb strokes up my labia. 

 The Bride Trainer probes my ass lightly and then more intently until it stretches my ass. I moan. Arkdhem taps the hard plug.

“Soon I will take you here,” he promises. I reach down automatically to cover my ass and he smacks my pussy.

My legs snap closed but the bulk of his shoulders is in the way.

“No, no,” he says with a wicked smile. He really is a secret sadist. “Hold your legs open,” he commands. 

I fist my hands at my sides and force myself to relax as he palms my pussy,grinding the heel of his hand against my clit. His hand rises and falls, spanking me once, but not too hard. A forceful heavy petting. 

I keep my legs open, my eyes wide on his.

“Good girl.” His hand falls again. This time giving me a harder slap. My legs quiver and I arch my back, gritting my teeth. I register the force of the smack, but the sensation is confused by the stimulation on my clit. “My obedient Tribute.” he thrusts two fingers into my pussy. “It is time for more training.”