Exclusive Teaser!!!

APRIL 6, 2021

Not much longer now until Bondage Buddies is here! Check out this exclusive teaser below, just for Newsletter subscribers!



“Bondage buddies?” Domi raised her eyebrows at him, leaning back with her arms crossed over her chest. She looked skeptical, but also intrigued.
Giving the little subbie his best wicked grin, Mitch leaned forward across the table they were sitting at. “It’s like fuck buddies, but with kink.”
She pressed her lips together and he was pretty sure she was trying not to smile. The expression on her face was blank, but she was thinking about it. He could see it in her eyes. His grin widened.
He liked Domi.
Just a little over five feet tall, petite in every way, she was a whole bunch of sass and bravado despite her small stature. Anything thinking she was a pushover just because she was short or because she was a submissive would be in for a hell of a surprise. Domi sometimes pushed back just to show she could. It meant that a few of the Doms at Stronghold and Marquis, the BDSM clubs they both belonged to, weren’t interested in playing with her.
Mitch was one of those who enjoyed her fire and sass. He especially liked it when he managed to push past it and reach the woman underneath. Feel her melt. And then make her fly.
That she was a sweet masochist whose need for pain-filled pleasure matched his sadist’s need to deliver it was even more of a bonus. Mitch didn’t have to do a hardcore scene every scene to be satisfied, but after a while the need would build until he couldn’t ignore it anymore. 
"You had fun with me during your subbie classes," he pointed out, winking at her. He'd been one of the Doms who had assisted during the New Submissives class. All of the submissives had been fun in their own way, but Domi was the one whose tastes most aligned with his. 
Their last class together, when he'd gotten to play doctor, had been his favorite. Especially since she initially had scoffed at the idea of medical play. The little subbie had thought he wouldn't be able to hurt her the way she wanted. Mitch had thoroughly enjoyed proving her wrong. They'd had a discussion then about playing in the club, no commitment, but so far she'd proven elusive. 
Which was why he'd finally told her to come meet him for dinner and a show at Marquis. He hadn't been sure if she actually would, but he figured she'd be intrigued enough to come found out what he wanted.
"I did..." She tilted her head at him, chewing on her lower lip. The uncertainty on her face made her look more vulnerable than usual. Her halo of curls bounced slightly when she shook her head, and his cock sank a little in expectation of a rejection, but then she surprised him. "No dating, just sex right? Here in the club?" 
"Here or at Stronghold," he confirmed. Marquis and Stronghold were sister clubs, both of them catering to kink, each in their own way. 
Domi rolled her eyes at him, as if to say duh. "That's what I meant." 
Sliding his feet over to her side of the table, he trapped her legs between his. It wasn't painful and she could have easily pulled her legs up if she wanted to, but it was a reminder that he was the Dom and she was the sub. Domi sucked in a quick breath, her gaze flitting up to his and then dropping down to the beer glass in front of her. 
That was Domi. Sassy brat right up until she was challenged and then her submissiveness took over. Sometimes it was a bit more of a fight than other times, but deep down she wanted to submit. It just had to be earned. 
"If we're going to play together, you're going to need to be more respectful, at least in the clubs," he said firmly. Outside of the club, she could roll her eyes all she wanted. He didn't care what she did when she wasn't in his space. He just wanted to play with her when she was. 
"Sorry, Sir," she said. Her contriteness only lasted another couple of moments though and then she looked back up at him. Still considering. Her fingers tapped nervously against her beer glass. "Would there be a club contract? Would we still be able to play with other people?" 
"I'm fine with or without a contract," he said. "As for playing with other people, I just want first dibs." Domi blinked in confusion and Mitch grinned. "If we're both at the club, and neither of us have scened yet, we get first dibs on each other. If I'm not around, you can play with whoever you want, and vice versa. My work schedule can be a little unpredictable, so I'd rather keep it casual. If you prefer setting times to scene, I can do that but it will need to be on a week by week basis." 
"No, dibs works," she said, a slow smile curving her lips and bringing out the cute little dimple he liked to see. Mitch enjoyed making people smile and he liked making them laugh even more. Domi could be a bit of a challenge, as she was in most things. Any time he got that dimple to peek out, he mentally high-fived himself. She snorted. "Dibs. I like that. That's so you. Do you have this arrangement with anyone else?" 
"Nope, just you," he said. Her expression didn't change but he could sense she wasn't sure how she felt about that. "It would be hard to have first dibs on more than one person, what if you were both there at the same time?" 
"That's true," she said and then shrugged, picking up her beer to take a sip. "So, why me?"
"I like the way you scream." He winked as heat flushed her face, turning her cheeks a dark red, her eyes widening slightly. God he loved kink. Only in a BDSM club could that sentence be considered foreplay. 
Domi's tongue flicked out over her lower lip, swiping up a tiny droplet of beer, and Mitch's cock twitched with interest. She had beautiful lips and a talented tongue and he would very much like to explore her mouth with his cock again. Soon.